How To Buy a Used Motorcycle

By Walter F. Kern

New riders should always start out with a used bike until they get trained and get plenty of practice spread over perhaps a year. Here are some ways to get that bike.

Here's How to Buy a Used Motorcycle:

  1. Buying a bike from an Internet auction is the newest way to buy. The most popular service is eBay.
  2. Every newspaper has motorcycle want ads. You probably won't have far to travel to see the bike. It will be easy to have a local mechanic check out the bike before you buy it.
  3. There are many Web sites that offer free want ads for motorcycles.
  4. Always tell your friends that you are looking to buy. Someone may know someone else who has a bike for sale.
  5. If you belong to a motorcycle club, announce to the members that you are looking for another bike. Since any bike you buy from a club member will be well known to you, you stand to get a good value.
  6. You're probably going to be visiting your local dealer anyway so look for good trade-ins. Mention to the salepeople that you are looking for a certain kind of bike. They may work to find a bike for you.

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