How To Clean a Motorcycle Windshield

By Walter F. Kern

If your motorcycle has a windshield, it's a good idea to clean it off first before you ride. You also don't want to damage it in the process. Here's a simple way to clean it.

Here's How to Clean a Motorcycle Windshield:

  1. If the motorcycle has a centerstand, place it on the stand.
  2. Get two old terry cloth dishtowels.
  3. Dip the corner of one of the towels in some warm water.
  4. Use the wet end of the towel to clean the outside of the windshield.
  5. Clean the side mirrors at the same time.
  6. Use the dry end of the wet towel to dry the windshield. Use the backside of the towel.
  7. Set the first towel aside.
  8. Use the second dry towel to complete the drying.
  9. Get the first wet towel and use it to clean the inside of the windshield.
  10. Dry the inside with the dry end of the towel as before.
  11. Complete the drying with the other dry towel.
  12. Touch up any bad spots.


  1. Never use any commercial window cleaners on your motorcycle windshield.
  2. Never use paper towels on the windshield.
  3. Keep some spare dishtowels on your bike to clean the windshield while on a trip.

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