How To Ride a Motorcycle in Heavy Traffic

By Walter F. Kern

Here are some simple steps that will help you as you venture into heavy traffic on your motorcycle.

Here's How to Ride in Heavy Traffic:

  1. First, pass a motorcycle safety course and get your motorcycle license.
  2. Ride with an experienced motorcycle rider as you gain experience.
  3. Ride your motorcycle on safe suburban streets first.
  4. Next, venture across busy highways without riding on them.
  5. Then ride on local lightly traveled divided highways.
  6. Next ride at high-speed on lightly traveled Interstate highways.
  7. Continue to gradually increase your riding under heavier and heavier traffic situations.
  8. Do not venture out into heavy traffic until you have mastered all basic motorcycle skills.
  9. Maintain the 2-second rule at all times.
  10. Keep scanning 5-6 cars ahead for possible problems.
  11. Check your rear-view mirrors often.
  12. Don't ride next to other cars and trucks.
  13. Ride in the left tire track if alone.
  14. When you are approaching an on or off ramp, position yourself in the lane farthest away.
  15. At a stop, do not ride up to the bumper of the car in front of you. Leave room to escape if necessary.


  1. Take time to learn riding in traffic. As indicated in the steps, learn gradually.
  2. Always assume you are invisible to other drivers and protect yourself at all times.
  3. Always wear protective clothing and a helmet until you are experienced. After that, you may have a legal option with the helmet.

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