How To Store Your Motorcycle For the Winter - Winterize

By Walter F. Kern

There are many opinions on what should be done to prepare your motorcycle for winter. Here is a basic set of steps to winterize.

Here's How to Winterize Your Motorcycle:

  1. Check over the motorcycle for any mechanical problems.
  2. Change the engine oil and oil filter.
  3. Fill the gas tank, add stabilizer according to the instructions on the can, and run the bike for a few minutes.
  4. Check the battery, clean the battery terminals, and connect a Battery Tender or similar trickle-charger.
  5. Clean and wax the motorcycle.
  6. Cover the bike. If possible, keep the bike in a warm garage.
  7. Make sure the bike is locked up and the registration and other papers are removed in case the bike is stolen.

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